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Saturday, 7-Feb-2009 14:52 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Poye2 with Syue

Syue visit
Location : Kulim
Date : 31Jan-1 Feb09
Activities : CNY at Xin Li's house, Visit Ali n Kayro in SP, Jalan2 di Penang and picnic di Sedim

Thanks Syue for your visit.. sorry for not giving you the best 'sevices' while u were here... eventho u said i have given you 1st class 'sevices' but is not that high... i think
Anyway.. full package tak dpt le nak bagi.... dinner kat juru and 'ehemm'.. hehehe... insya'Allah... next time kalo ada lagi

Monday, 26-Jan-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sibling Outing

Happy Chinese New Year
from KLCC ground floor
ameer happy face..
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Location : KLCC
Date : 1st Day Chinese New Year
Activities : Watched movie - Underworld.. hmm quite interesting. i give 3 stars...
Makan2 at Old Town Cafe...

I love it very much
I do love it... lepak2 with my bros, sist n ameer

Saturday, 24-Jan-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My primary school best frens :)
lagi :)
ami nak suapkan 'ekin' air... huhuh romantik :)
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It was all Allah works.. Alhamdulillah... when we were busy preparing for birthday party ameer... suddenly i got one call and it was from Shikin.. my primary bes fren... and she was with another my primary bes fren, Ami enjoying their lunch at Jusco Setiawangsa.. My God ! cant believe it.. i invited them to my bro's house and we proceed with stay over nite at Shikin's condo .. but tak cukup... jap je rasa... we are thinking to have gathering - primary schools geng - but not finalized yet the date Gosh i cant wait... cant wait to meet my ex-primary-bf (as what they said lah).... after knows some interesting story bout him

Latest photo from them... if i can get the old pics.. we can do the comparison right...

Gmbr kat condo tak upload lah.... tak sesuai kot.. ke korg tak kisah ? kalo tak kisah aku upload...

Saturday, 24-Jan-2009 11:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Amir is '1' now :)

Happy Birthday Ameer !
Cepat2 potong cake
Opss.. he cant wait...
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Event : Ameer Eusoff Bin Azli's Birthday
Date : 24 Jan 09
Venue : Perdana Vista

Happy Birthday Ameer .. Mak and Hakim ! Sayang Hakim takde... tanak ckp awal2.. kalo tak boleh pi amik... Ameer actual birthday is only 1 day after my mum, 22Jan09. So my mum birthday is on 21Jan09 and Hakim birthday is on 27Jan09. Wah.. geng2 January nih... dah besar dah anak2 buah ku... teringt lagi ms diorg baru lahir and camne aku 'bertungkus lumus' menjaga diorg baby dulu.. esp Afiq.. abg ameer... but u know... budak yg jaga kita tak rapat dgn kita bila dah besar.. nape ek .... im taking care of Afiq (abg Hakim) ms kak ina pantang dulu... bila besar dia susah nak dgr ckp aku.. and my lil bro taking care of hakim... bila besar 'tanak' pun dgn dia.... pelik.... but is Ok.. its fun and a lot of 'ilmu' i gained esp.. sabar.... susah sbnrnye jaga budak... but it never make my 'angan2' hilang.... it goes stronger everytime i 'handle' kids bila angan2 ni nak jadi kenyataan eh ? hehehehe..... hope one day....

This is Ameer's photos collection.. tak byk pun gmbr org lain... enjoy it

Friday, 2-Jan-2009 17:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
BBQ at our Bos House

Just arrived
Discussion before the competition start
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Lama nye tak update...

2nd Jan aritu.. we had dept so-called teambuilding.... we hav been divided into 2 groups and we have to prepare desert and also talent... it was really enjoyable and unforgettable moment for me... i dunno the rest.. but it was....for me...

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